Debo reconocer que recién estoy viendo la serie animada de The Last Airbender. Y de lo que he visto, al menos les aseguro que es más entretenida de lo que pensé que sería. Claro que pese a ello, no entiendo el nivel de excitación que despiertan las siguientes fotos. En soltaron a la red imágenes que presentan a dos peludos personajes de la serie: el bisonte volador Appa y el orejudo mono Momo. Junto a Aang, son los únicos tres sobrevivientes de la erradicada cultura de la tribu del aire. Así que dejo lanzada la duda a los fans más recalcitrantes, ¿Está bien el diseño?

Les dejo el pack de fotos después del salto:





Más fotos:

Earth Kingdom Momo
Appa Earth Kingdom
Momo Appa
Earth Kingdom Momo
Appa Earth Kingdom
Momo Earth Kingdom
Momo Appa
Appa Earth Kingdom
Appa Earth Kingdom
Earth Kingdom
MomoAppaEarth Kingdom
MomoAppaEarth KingdomMomoAppaEarth Kingdom Earth Kingdom

Comment by: Jontaro @ 02:23 pm June 08, 2010

Awesome! These look really great. MOMO :D
Comment by: Hakoda @ 02:24 pm June 08, 2010

Comment by: Hakoda @ 02:24 pm June 08, 2010

Damn xD hahaha !!! second*
Comment by: Meme @ 02:24 pm June 08, 2010

Momo , at last!
Comment by: THE last airbender @ 02:27 pm June 08, 2010

5th! Yes!
MOMO finally!! YES
Comment by: Mindbender @ 02:27 pm June 08, 2010

Mono looks likes gremlin
Comment by: womzee @ 02:28 pm June 08, 2010

momo looks soooo much better than I thought he would!
Comment by: Spiderfan @ 02:30 pm June 08, 2010

Now THIS is what I have been waiting for. Momo and Appa both look fantastic!
Comment by: DaRkMoNkEy @ 02:33 pm June 08, 2010

The CG looks so realistic for both Appa and Momo. But Momo was just not done right… He doesn’t look like a real animal that could exist. I mean Appa on the other hand, besides the flying part, at least looks somewhat reasonable
Comment by: THE last airbender @ 02:33 pm June 08, 2010

Don’t get me wrong momo looks great and all but like he doesn’t look cute if you ask me. He looks gross to be honest like good when it comes to making him look like the cartoon does but bad cause he’s not cute
Comment by: THE last airbender @ 02:33 pm June 08, 2010

Don’t get me wrong momo looks great and all but like he doesn’t look cute if you ask me. He looks gross to be honest like good when it comes to making him look like the cartoon does but bad cause he’s not cute
Comment by: Bender @ 02:33 pm June 08, 2010

I think he is perfect
Comment by: Bender @ 02:34 pm June 08, 2010

Where are the rest of the 20 pics?
Comment by: rubixcub3 @ 02:34 pm June 08, 2010

Awesome pics and finally we get to see, he dosen’t look to bad.
Comment by: Inferno320 (formerly known as Avatar320) @ 02:36 pm June 08, 2010

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MOMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment by: Haru’sMustache @ 02:38 pm June 08, 2010

I just wanna give Appa a big platypus-bear HUG!!

Geeeee!!adorable smile smile smile

Comment by: THE last airbender @ 02:38 pm June 08, 2010

I wonder what this app is exactly for?
I’m curious now.
Comment by: ziggy @ 02:38 pm June 08, 2010

hehe appa’s face reminds me of a grandmother… tongue
Comment by: Meme @ 02:42 pm June 08, 2010

Mmmm… I see Appa with a severe «Ewok illness» case (make it extremely adorable for a merchandising hit!)
Comment by: Moe_joe95 @ 02:44 pm June 08, 2010

Wow i really want to explore the earth kingdom!
Comment by: kiersten @ 02:45 pm June 08, 2010

So I’m guessing the earth city is Omashu?
Comment by: Haru’sMustache @ 02:46 pm June 08, 2010


Nope, it’s not Omashu since Shyalaman said that will be on the second movie

Comment by: Meme @ 02:51 pm June 08, 2010

Yue’s father is dead?
Comment by: DaRkMoNkEy @ 02:51 pm June 08, 2010

That Earth Kingdom city looks very arabian
Comment by: kiersten @ 02:52 pm June 08, 2010

@ Haru’sMustache

Oh okay i wasn’t aware they were putting it into the second movie.


Yup, her father is dead in the movie.

Comment by: baltamazter @ 02:55 pm June 08, 2010

yeahh finally momo..this looks awesome..only 3 weeks.
Comment by: :: Lion Turtle :: @ 02:56 pm June 08, 2010

hmm. sad
Comment by: Ong @ 02:56 pm June 08, 2010

Yue’s father never died in the show wassat
Comment by: Haru’sMustache @ 02:57 pm June 08, 2010


Sure, no problem! Happy to help smile

Comment by: kiersten @ 02:57 pm June 08, 2010


M.Night said that her dad dies in the movie.

Comment by: Ong @ 03:00 pm June 08, 2010

Oh, well that family doesn’t have to much goin for them then. Yues dad dies… then she dies… I would hate to be Yues mom
Comment by: Meme @ 03:00 pm June 08, 2010


That makes Yue the queen of Northen Water Tribe!

(I think It’s raining spoilers everywhere!)

Comment by: Someone @ 03:01 pm June 08, 2010

Lolz momo looks like a bony cat…but he looks great
Comment by: kiersten @ 03:02 pm June 08, 2010


haha yup gotta love spoliers! tongue

Comment by: Kit-Kat @ 03:02 pm June 08, 2010

Cool, all these pics look great. And uh….does anyone other then me really want a flying bison right about now? laughing
Comment by: rubixcub3 @ 03:02 pm June 08, 2010

Didn’t Yue’s mom die in the show??
Comment by: Haru’sMustache @ 03:03 pm June 08, 2010


too bad Yue’s mom is already dead, so now who’s is gonna be the next line?

Comment by: Ong @ 03:03 pm June 08, 2010

@ Kit-Kat

Yes. I would love one. smile

Comment by: Fro @ 03:03 pm June 08, 2010

lol MOMO looks crazy. AND finally some decent views of Earthbending!
Comment by: Moe_joe95 @ 03:03 pm June 08, 2010

Haha they all die xD
Comment by: Dark enV @ 03:04 pm June 08, 2010

MOMO! Finally we get a look at him. He looks kinda weird, but still very cool haha
Comment by: The Guru @ 03:04 pm June 08, 2010

still mulling it over whether i like momo or not….
Comment by: Kit-Kat @ 03:05 pm June 08, 2010

Hey….Momo’s eyes aren’t green…their amber, as said in the book. :(

Man, I’ll miss that. But whateves. tongue

Comment by: kiersten @ 03:06 pm June 08, 2010


who know’s maybe Pakku instead of going to the southern wate rtribe will stay and rule the northen water tribe.

Comment by: Moe_joe95 @ 03:09 pm June 08, 2010
Comment by: Haru’sMustache @ 03:10 pm June 08, 2010

That would be awesome, being master waterbender and Chief!

Though I started having a later concept as Katara later being a future candidate, as her family used be be from the North. Then Sokka being leader to the South

Comment by: Kit-Kat @ 03:11 pm June 08, 2010

Um, why is this movie still not rated? It’s coming out in less then a month.
Comment by: Heather @ 03:12 pm June 08, 2010

Am I the only one frightened by Appa? He reminds me of E.T. , and where is the arrow? wassat

I’m in love with how the rest of them look, and I like the change to Yue’s story.

Where can I get this App. This is totally going on my mom’s phone whether she likes it or not!! tongue

Comment by: SamAzu @ 03:13 pm June 08, 2010

Momo will scare small children

also, I own this app :) the game is actually really fun and addicting

Comment by: alice @ 03:15 pm June 08, 2010

mm is not bad, but seems momo vampire, as to appa, I do not know but there is something that still does not convince me I guess I’ll have to see it in action. :)
Comment by: Lexy @ 03:16 pm June 08, 2010

Yea momo. awesome pictures. 23 days til the movie. explore the 4 nations on smile smile smile smile smile smile laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing smile
Comment by: ong @ 03:19 pm June 08, 2010

@ Lexy
You can’t explore the nations yet.
only water tribe angry
Comment by: Iliekmudkipz @ 03:19 pm June 08, 2010


THANK YOU Appa looks freaking weird and I love momo. Whoever said Momo looks completely unrealistic and Appa is reasonable is on crack.

Appa looks like he has a parted bowl cut and the face of a chubby fat kid. wtf?? sad crying

Comment by: Someone @ 03:21 pm June 08, 2010

Go on and there is a game for the last airbender showing alot of spoilers!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment by: kiersten @ 03:21 pm June 08, 2010


lol, yeah when she said that i went to go and check to to see if they unlocked all of them. But i found out the hard way.

Comment by: electric rainbow @ 03:21 pm June 08, 2010


Yeah we know smile

Comment by: SamAzu @ 03:22 pm June 08, 2010

I wish both were cuter but there’s no use in complaining about it.
Comment by: AfikoAir @ 03:23 pm June 08, 2010

MOMO!!!!!!!!!! YEAHH!!!!!!!!!
Comment by: kiersten @ 03:25 pm June 08, 2010


I agree, but you can only make them so cute. I’m mean it’s not like thier real animals like puppies that you can base off of other types of dogs to make cutier.

Comment by: Ong @ 03:26 pm June 08, 2010

@ Kiersten

same here . lol
I’ve ben waiting for them for a while now .

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29 pensamientos

  1. primero y estan geniales
    si esta pelicula va estar genial ya que es fiel a la serie

    appa y momo estan delux

  2. Wow!!!…muy buenos diseños, fieles y sencillos, ese neko-Bus (También conocido como Appa) se ve de pelos! :D

    Also, debo decir que ver las fotos del maestro Pakku me ha dejado gratamente sorprendido.

  3. wow momo se ve genial, si no especifican que es momo me iria con la finta de un animal raro no antes visto, aww la princesa yue esta de 10!!

  4. Yue quedo genial, y saldral a escena de Aang con Roku….la raja………….ta muy bien ambientado…

  5. Se ve bastante buena, aunque yo no conozca mucho de la peli… debo decir que este blog es uno de los más interesantes que conozco, sigan así y felicitaciones.

  6. Me llego a emocionar lo parecido que son las mascotas, y viendo el sitio web tambien las locaciones de la tribu agua es algo que te hace sentir el cariño con lo que se esta haciendo esta pelicula, cada vez tengo mas fe en que sera memorable

  7. yo solo digo una cosa, que ya habia dicho hace rato, ya me imagino la cantidad de tutoriales para photoshop que van aparecer despues de que salga a la luz esta pelicula

  8. Al principio ver a Momo es algo raro, pero luego se siente el gran apego (no se si se escribe asi) que tiene con la serie, AHORA QUIERO VERLO «EN ACCION»

  9. Muy buenas las imagenes, muchas cosas casi calcadas de la serie, pero lo que deben de calcar mucho más es la Música!! ojala que la musica sea igual de buena que en la serie

  10. estan geniales

    el unico desacierto es utilizar a un actor mediocre como dev patel


    APPA!!! °o°

  12. En general se ve todo genial… ojala le den un aire mas liviano eso si.. esa era una de las grandes gracias de la serie… una historia potente.. pero suficientemente liviana para los niños…

  13. appa y momo wow!! win al igual que la princesa Yue… el unico q sigue sin convncerme es Iroh

  14. MOMO¡¡ q arrecho se ve esta vaina como dice el eric draven pensaba q no saldria en esta pero verga esto sera la ADAPTACION MEJOR HECHA de pana q si fiel en todo los sentidos por lo menos en las imagenes creo q esta pelicula sera la mejor d este año hasta q estrenen tron

  15. Momo definitivamente estará en la pelicula. Es el suspiro de alivio que todos los fanaticos de la serie esperabamos exhalar

  16. Appa esta bastante bien pero momo no se lo veo medio raro y la princesa Yue se ve hermosa, ¡Ya quiero ver esta peliculaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. tiene sus fallitas en algunas cosas pero en si me convence.
    Appa y Momo se ven bien

  18. Es todo un ejemplo de como se debe hacer una adaptacion , todo esta realmente cuidado, se han respetado las vestimentas de los personajes, poderes, locaciones, hay escenas identicas al dibujo, la historia se ha mantenido fiel a la historia original…creo que en terminos de adaptacion es bastante parecida a como se hizo el Señor de los Anillos.

    Lo unicos peros que tiene son el asunto del parecido y la raza de los personajes que es algo que ha generado debate, a mi parecer eso ya pasara a segundo plano si es que los personajes pegan en pantalla, Shymalan tiene toda una mina de oro en sus manos, tiene todo para que sea un exito…y si fracasa se va a vender caramelos con los Wachowsky.

    Dr. Malo sigue viendo la serie , yo la vi online y esta de la puta madre, la historia es muy buena y se ve que le estan haciendo justicia.

  19. ¡Por fin vemos a Momo! :) ¡Simplemente Ge-nia-les! Ayer vi estas fotos en el sitio thelastairbenderfans y Momo con Appa están espectaculares.
    También vi por primera vez la caracterización del Maestro Pakku en el sitio oficial en un pequeño video y se mantiene la arrogancia y genialidad de este maestro agua.
    ¡ La peli viene con todo! Coincido en que será «el » estreno del año …

  20. En realidad lo que nos alegra a quienes hemos visto de principio a fin de serie, y viceversa, es que aparezcan estos 2 personajes, los 2 muy importantes en la serie, con capítulos dedicados a cada uno de ellos, esperamos ademas que tengan una participación decente, de Appa se sabe que asi sera, Momo siembra ciertas dudas pero creo que con lo que se ha visto, cumplirá con creces las expectativas.

    Como lo decía, lo que gusta es que al menos se va respetando eso de «un mundo distinto», los personajes, los animales, etc etc etc.

    Y me parece genial doctor que mires la serie, de seguro vas a querer mas capítulos cuando termine.

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